The ceramic fairy tale started in 1875 when Herman Kähler established his own workshop at Kählersbakken.

The building is pretty unique, adorned with a coat of arms, tiles, friezes depicting Nordic mythology and thistles.

This fascinating corner building was an important source of artistic inspiration for the Kählersbakken light house. It was a large extension-cum-conversion by the architect Urban Hansen Reistrup, son of one of Kähler’s major artists, Karl Hansen Reistrup.

The chimney played a major role in the operation of a ceramics workshop, where the ceramics used to be fired in wood-burning kilns.

Urbania Kählersbakken pays a beautiful tribute to our legacy and history.

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Our building’s beautiful façade and artistry is highlighted by friezes featuring impressive glazed, clay animal motifs created by Karl Hansen Reistrup.

The tiles above the entrance were decorated by the artist, Jens Thirslund and have a metallic sheen, the result of an ancient Arabian glazing technique called lustre.

The building also features Herman August’s coat of arms, beautiful friezes with thistles and a sea princess from Nordic mythology, a detail from the large-scale work hanging in Copenhagen City Hall.

The building was carefully restored in 2015/16, sensitively preserving the numerous historical elements.

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