With its gabled roof, this distinguished light house, the Manor House, evokes old stately homes and village churches, and goes beautifully with the other light houses in the Urbania range.

The rays of light twinkle out of the Manor House’s tiny, hand-cut windows, filling the home with sparkling light and vibrant shadows.

The sizes, positions and shapes of the windows are carefully outlined, so that the angles and light change depending on the angle from which you view the Manor House.

Place the light houses together in a lovely design tableau or let the graceful Manor House create a charming nook of light by itself in the evening darkness.

Enjoy the beautiful Manor House

Little Tower is a vibrant, poetic interpretation of the diverse, modern urban space that goes beautifully with the rest of the Urbania houses.

The little tower is a smaller version of the larger Tower in the range. With its numerous delicate, tiny, hand-cut windows of various sizes, it creates enchanting light silhouettes.

The little tower can glow by itself like an individual sculpture or can be used to create a personal little town in combination with a number of light houses. This atmospheric combination of simplicity and playfulness underlines the quality and design of Urbania.

Find the poetic Little Tower here