In recent years, inviting nature indoors has been one of the major trends. The Kabell range is a brand new, unusual range of vases featuring floral decorations, designed by fabric designer Susanne Scherning.

The vases come in three sizes and in the colours indigo, dusty blue and pale rose with decorations in a darker shade of the same colour.

Their organic, surprising idiom creates stunning silhouettes whether with or without flowers.

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The organic decorations on the vases feature a floral universe which will endure even at a time when nothing will grow outdoors. The decorations are creative and spontaneous and accommodating at the same time.

The vases encourage us to use our imagination, to create unique tableaux and to get a sense of nature even during the coldest, darkest days of the year.

Perfect either as a creative design item for your home or as a gift.

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Historically, the female painters played a crucial role in the historical Kähler workshop. They were often allowed to let their creative juices flow when decorating and painting various ceramic products.

Inspired by the talented, female painters, Kähler’s products today possess the same values as they did back then – creativity, quality and the attention to detail. Through the years, many female painters have been working at Kähler’s workshop, including Julie Kabell, after whom this range of decorated vases is named.

These fascinating vases come in three different colours and three different heights.

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