Create light in the dark winter evenings with this decorative, sculptural Balustre lamp in dusty rose.

The Balustre lamp is perfect for creating atmosphere. When switched on, it explores the shadows. When switched off, it acts as a decorative sculpture, whether on a window ledge, desk or shelving unit.

Its fascinating idiom is incredibly decorative and a beautiful, Scandinavian style design element.

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The Balustre lamps’ organic, restrained idiom and shape and overall look possess a wonderful, sensuous quality.

The symmetrical shapes and the mutual interaction create new spaces for exploration when the lamps are switched on or when several are placed together.

Balustre is a stunning example of combining intriguing design with functionality, contributing to pleasant lighting and a cosy atmosphere in any room in the home, whether the living room, office or bedroom.

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The Balustre lamp is topped off with a tone-on-tone handmade fabric shade, making each individual lamp stand out.

The shade is designed as a natural extension of the lamp’s base, while its rough, organic surface is inspired by the balusters on the façades of buildings, enhancing the contours and beautiful design of the lamps.

The lamps have grey, fabric-covered cords, discreetly complementing the lamp and fitting in with any home décor.

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Place the Balustre lamp by itself to create an individual effect or group it with other stunning Balustre lamps, so their sense of connectedness, yet diversity will give rise to a unique design tableau.

With their unique idiom, the lamps offer numerous decorative options, so find your personal favourite in a lovely colour.

The Balustre range comprises five lamps of different organic shapes, shimmering in stunning Nordic pastel hues, ranging from light grey to dusty blue, green, rose and marble.

These handsome Balustre lamps come in five beautiful colours.

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