General Information

Kähler delivers Danish design

Kähler wants to inspire and surprise with innovative and accessible design products, while preserving the authentic universe of art, craftsmanship and quality – just as we have been doing since 1839.

Each contemporary Kähler design is a tribute to Kähler's unique history and a celebration of the well-preserved craftsmanship, but also a powerful reflection of today where the ceramics are given new foils in the form of other materials such as wood, leather or glass. An exclusive idiom that has made Kähler easily recognisable and created success in our current markets.

Our sales team is always ready to help you get started selling the popular Kähler products.

Kähler products are also available in Denmark’s most inspirational company gift wholesalers. They will be more than happy to help you find the perfect Kähler gift.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a referral to a company gift wholesaler.

For further information

Denmark / Norway / Sweden:
Anja Lønberg Posorski
Distributor – Sales Manager
Tel.: +45 8816 7647
Mobile: +45 2369 4264

Or contact Customer Service:
Tel.: +45 55 72 02 91

You can also go to our export site for more information about foreign markets and start-up.