Ombria Pot À Fleurs, Vert Granite, hi-res

Ombria Pot À Fleurs

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Ombria Pot À Fleurs, , inspiration
Ombria Pot À Fleurs null
Choisissez les nouveaux pots à fleurs Kähler de la gamme Ombria, qui puise son inspiration dans les paysages scandinaves, pour ajouter une touche d’élégance brute à vos rebords de fenêtres. Ce pot à fleur vert en granite s’inscrit dans la tendance botanique actuelle : intégrer davantage de végétation dans la maison. Combinez différents pots à fleurs Ombria de différentes tailles, couleurs et formes, et créez ainsi un style dynamique qui s’accorde parfaitement avec le design de votre foyer.
Largeur: L:170mm
Hauteur: H:130mm
Ombria Pot À Fleurs, Vert Granite, environment
Anders Arhøj
Anders Arhøj is trained as a multimedia designer and has had his own design studio for the past approximately 10 years. The work being done in the studio includes graphic design, book illustrations, shop decorations and product design. Anders Arhøj's ceramic design is characterised by his clear inspiration from Japanese ceramics combined with a colourful and characteristic glaze. Design for Kähler: Unico and Ombria
Anders Arhøj
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Good advice

All products from Kähler are handmade with focus on the artistic expression and a high artisanal quality. Each product is unique since they are handmade, meaning that minor variations in appearance may occur.

  • Do not put the product in the dishwasher
  • Do not put the product in the dishwasher
  • Wash the product by hand with hot water and soap. 
  • To allow the ceramic products to breathe, please store and dry them upside down, otherwise they may give off moisture because of water absorption.
  • The product is not freezer proof.
  • To avoid stains from condensed water, we recommend that you attach stick-on floor protectors to vases and flowerpots.