Fugato Enceinte, Blanc Crémeux, hi-res

Fugato Enceinte

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Fugato Enceinte, , inspiration
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Fugato Enceinte, Blanc Crémeux, environment
Kähler Design
Designer: Kähler Design Nous puisons notre inspiration dans notre histoire (nous créons depuis 1839) pour donner naissance à des formes, techniques, utilisations de couleurs et de matériaux. Associer tradition et innovation nous semble primordial. Nos nouvelles idées, techniques et tendances ont une place de choix dans chaque objet artisanal. C’est ainsi que nous créons des designs uniques, féminins et élégants pour que chaque objet conçu par Kähler trouve sa place dans votre maison. Kähler Design : Ahlmann, Fugato, Glasurtoppe, Nellemann, Sparedyr
Kähler Design
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Good advice

All products from Kähler are handmade with focus on the artistic expression and a high artisanal quality. Each product is unique since they are handmade, meaning that minor variations in appearance may occur.

  • We advise you to clean Fugato with a dry cloth. You can treat the wood with oil if required. Then dry thoroughly before fitting it on the speaker again. This prevents grease from smearing the surface. We recommend the leather handle to be treated with grease when needed.
  • The speakers case is made of ceramic, so be careful when transporting the speaker, otherwise the ceramic could crack on impact
  • We recommend that Fugato is not used in rooms with high air humidity.
  • Fugato has a button on the bottom to switch off the battery. This is advisable if you are not using the speaker for more than a week.
  • Never use another power supply than the one that comes with your speaker. This can cause overheating and destroy the speaker or, in the worst-case scenario, cause a fire.
  • Always place the speaker on a firm, stable surface. This enhances the sound and ensures optimum product safety.
  • Never place the speaker near heat sources such as radiators and ovens, as this may cause overheating. The speaker should not come into contact with open flames.
  • To avoid the risk of electric shock, the speaker should not be exposed to liquids or moisture, as this may damage the electrical circuit.
  • Never attempt to repair or open the speaker, as you may risk short-circuiting the speaker and this can increase the risk of shock or fire.
  • When you dispose your Fugato speaker, make sure you do so at a recycling centre. For example, the device contains batteries, which must be disposed of correctly.