Ora Clock, White Black Hands, hi-res

Ora Clock

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This white table clock with black hands from Kähler is a stylistic and modern useful object for all rooms in the home. The Ora series has already found its place in many design lovers' hearts, and this table clock will undoubtedly bring joy to many. The black/white look makes the clock perfect for all types of interior design. Let it adorn your office, kitchen, living room or bedroom.
Width: W:140mm
Height: H:135mm
Ora Clock, White Black Hands, environment
Jonas Trampedach & Birgitte Due Madsen
Birgitte Due Madsen graduated as a ceramicist from the School of Design Bornholm in 2005 and as a product designer from the Danish Design School in 2008. She has exhibited at the Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition and at the Danish Museum of Art and Design. Due Madsen wants her work to stimulate an interaction between the observer and the object. Jonas Trampedach graduated as a designer from the Danish Design School in Copenhagen and the Royal College of Art in London. Design for Kähler: Ora og Unit
Jonas Trampedach & Birgitte Due Madsen
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Good advice

All products from Kähler are handmade with focus on the artistic expression and a high artisanal quality. Each product is unique since they are handmade, meaning that minor variations in appearance may occur.

  • When hanging the Ora wall clock, it is important to use the right screw to ensure that the clock is attached firmly to the wall. We advise you to use a screw with a round head and flat reverse side. Remember also to use a rawlplug that matches the wall the clock will be hung on.
  • We offer no warranty on clocks that have fallen and broken.
  • We advise you to remove old batteries to prevent any verdigris coating from harming the clockwork.
  • Make sure you dispose of batteries correctly.