Kaolin Tray, Wood, hi-res

Kaolin Tray

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This serving tray is part of Kähler's elegant and exclusive Kaolin range. The beautiful wood trays come in a simple design that reflects the minimalist idiom of the entire Kaolin tableware. The exquisite trays are available in three sizes and can be used in any room in your home. Add a touch of personality and elegance to your dinner table with the modern Kaolin range.
Width: W:330mm
Kaolin Tray, Wood, environment
Cecilie Manz
Cecilie Manz er uddannet fra Danmarks Designskole og University of Art and Design i Helsinki, Finland. Siden 1998 har hun arbejdet fra egen tegnestue i København for nogle af de største brands i designbranchen. Ud over at have udstillet i sit eget navn i Danmark, Finland, Frankrig og Japan, er hun hyldet for sit unikke design i hele verden og modtager af bl.a. If Award, the Red Dot Award, Finn Juhl’s arkitekturpris, Kunstpreis Berlin, Kronprinseparrets Kulturpris og mange flere. Hendes seneste kollektion for Kähler er Kaolin, der som navnet afslører hylder materialet selv. Design for Kähler: Kaolin
Cecilie Manz
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Good advice

All products from Kähler are handmade with focus on the artistic expression and a high artisanal quality. Each product is unique since they are handmade, meaning that minor variations in appearance may occur.This product is made of tin with print on the outside.

  • The product is food-grade approved. 
  • You can polish the steel trays with steel polish. Remember to wash the trays carefully afterwards.
  • We advise you to treat the boards with olive oil as and when required to prevent them from drying and cracking.
  • Wash the product by hand with hot water and soap. 
  • The product is not dishwasher, microwave, oven or freezer proof
  • Do not place hot items on the wooden serving boards, because they can leave scorch marks 
  • Do not use the boards for acidic foods. 
  • Please be aware that foods with strong color pigments may cause coloration of the wood. 
  • Wash the product on both sides and dry thoroughly to prevent the wood from warping.