Add an elegant, timeless design to your home with this beautiful indigo Hammershøi vase.

The vase has a wonderful little collar around the neck, which, together with the vase's harmonious idiom and the iconic grooves, makes fresh flowers appear longer and as one with the elegant ceramic.

Combine the vase with the other Hammershøi indigo designs and create beguiling tableaus.

The new indigo Hammershøi vases come in five sizes and a cute 3-pack of mini vases.

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These charming little Hammershøi miniature vases in indigo will lend a touch of classic elegance to your décor. Their charm makes them one of this season’s must-haves.

Place them on a table in the living room, on the window ledge in a bedroom or let them feature as an ornament on the bathroom shelves. They are decorative either with or without flowers and a single one alone is still a delight to look at.

The interaction between the dark blue and the iconic grooves makes the little vases look exclusive, with a modern, yet timeless touch.

Be inspired

The elegant indigo candle holder from the Hammershøi range looks striking in its own right or can easily be combined with the other candle holders and tealight holders in the Hammershøi range.

They are ideal for creating a cosy ambience in the home with their classic elegance and small, rounded shapes, providing exquisite light in corners, on window ledges or on a table.

The candle holders have a modern, new look, while the timeless design turns them into classics that are here to stay.

Place the candle holders together with one of the stunning indigo vases to create a sophisticated tableau.

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The Hammershøi floor vase is an exquisite new addition for your home. Its impressive volume will give any room an artistic, impressive look.

In this striking indigo earthenware with the iconic grooves and an understated collar, the floor vase keeps flowers and branches in place. Adorn the floor vases with green branches or elegant individual flowers, or leave them empty to exude a striking sculptural elegance.

The floor vase also comes in white or anthracite and looks magnificent together with the elegant Nordic design of a modern home.

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