Expand your candlestick collection with these elegant Hammershøi candle holders that will spread light and warmth and are perfect for cosy moments indoors.

Their simple, pared-down design and stunning colours look great anywhere in the home, beautifully complementing the Nordic style.

The candle holders come in three different sizes and in white, light grey and indigo. They are perfect ornaments for the living room, kitchen and bedrooms or on a window ledge.


The elegantly designed Hammershøi candle holders create a welcoming and beautifully laid table, lending charm to any meal.

Create an alluring ambience with the candles lit and finish off a lovely dinner in the glow of candlelight. They illuminate and create atmosphere in the Nordic winter and offer endless options when it comes to creating an enchanting, cosy interior.

The candle holders are designed with the iconic Hammershøi grooves to match all elements in the range, connecting it across colour, form and function.


The elegant candle holders provide an abundance of opportunities for creating an elegant and unique tableau.

Place the candle holders together on a coffee table or on a window ledge. Their simple, stylish design means they will look great in any home interior. They go brilliantly with the other elements in the range: for example, the beautiful indigo Hammershøi vase.

And when spring arrives, you can replace the candles with spring flowers, so the candle holder becomes a vase, welcoming the brighter times.

The new Hammershøi candle holders come in three different colours and three different heights with prices starting at 19,90 GBP. They will be available in our webshop and store from week 38.