Create real Christmas magic on your Christmas table with these beautiful Hammershøi Christmas plates.

The woven Christmas star and charming nutcracker elegantly adorn the white Hammershøi tableware, creating a delicately cosy Christmas feeling.

The plates come in four sizes. Together with the other items in the Hammershøi Christmas tableware they give you a chance to lay the most stunning Christmas table.

Enjoy a genuine Christmas breakfast throughout December, serve hot soup or make a Christmas dessert extra special.


This appealing Christmas mug evokes an authentic Christmas mood and will look lovely on any Christmas table.

Enjoy a wonderful mug of hot punch, hot chocolate or coffee/tea and make the mug your best friend for the whole of December.

A Christmas mug makes a lovely present – whether for your nearest and dearest or yourself.

These charming, classic decorations are both modern and traditional. Stunning design united with functional elegance.


Create an authentic Christmas ambience with these cute Hammershøi Christmas baubles.

Beautifully decorated with Christmas motifs, such as Yuletide hearts, pine cones and geese, they evoke a traditional Christmas, while the iconic Hammershøi grooves lend a modern and contemporary touch.

Decorate fir branches with Hammershøi Christmas baubles. Hang them from the ceiling, lay them decoratively on the Christmas table or decorate your Christmas tree in the cutest way.

These pretty Christmas baubles will bring joy for countless Christmases and generations.


Count down to the big night with this exquisite Advent candle from Hammershøi Christmas.

Let the alluring glow create a Christmas atmosphere and watch the delightful decorations every day until Christmas Eve.

This is a really charming Christmas tradition with the pretty Christmas star, a Christmas heart and a tiny sparrow elegantly adorning the stearin candle on a delicate larch branch with cone.

A very Merry Christmas from all of us at Kähler.

This stunning Christmas tableware will be available in our webshop and store from Week 42. Prices start at 12,90 GBP.