Hammershøi Paper Towel Holder, White, hi-res

Hammershøi Paper Towel Holder

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Hammershøi Paper Towel Holder, , inspiration
Hammershøi Paper Towel Holder null
Hammershøi Paper Towel Holder, White, environment
Hans-Christian Bauer
Hans-Christian Bauer er en norskfødt industriel designer. Han stræber efter at forene varmen og det unikke i keramikken med et rationelt moderne formsprog og en god brugsværdi. Hans-Christian Bauer er udannet fra Kunstakademiets Arkitekskole designlinje i 2010 og har siden blandt andet arbejdet med egne projekter inden for produkt og møbeldesign.
Hans-Christian Bauer
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Good advice

All products from Kähler are handmade with focus on the artistic expression and a high artisanal quality. Each product is unique since they are handmade, meaning that minor variations in appearance may occur.

  • The easiest way to replace the paper towel is to pull apart the two wooden parts.
  • The product is not dishwasher proof.
  • We recommend keeping the magnet in the base away from devices and objects that might be damaged by strong magnetic fields. 
  • We advise you to treat the wooden part regularly with olive oil to maintain the glow of the wood and to prevent the wood from drying out and cracking.